My Half Term in Northumberland.



On Saturday me, my Dad and my brother went to the home of football The Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal vs Middlesborough. The end score was 0-0 and it was really just a bad day at the office on Arsene Wenger’s 67th birthday.




Sunday started with my brother’s football team LEA Sports PSG Under 9s beating Wooton Rangers 5-1. The game had to kick off at 9:15 because of our holiday to Risdale in Northumberland!

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-09-53-49screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-09-49-57 screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-09-52-53 Our house that we stayed in!


On Monday we went to the GINORMOUS Kielder Forest and we walked up to the space observatory at the top. Here is a picture:


Then we drove up to Scotland (about 10 mins away), and posed by the sign. Then we drove down back through the forest and home.

Us by the sign:img_1064 I am 1/8 Scottish and it’s my favourite country. I can also do a quality accent.


On Tuesday we went to Hadrian’s Wall. If you don’t know about Hadrian’s Wall here are some useful links:


On Wednesday we were back to the Kielder Forest, this time for the high ropes course. Here are some images:

img_1071 img_1076 img_1074


On Thursday we went home 😦    but on the way back we went through Newcastle (I can do a decent Newcastle accent too) and I saw the Angel of the North. It’s MASSIVE! There was lots of traffic but eventually we got home.

Comment about what YOU did in half term…


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