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In our Computing lesson on the 30th September 2016 we learnt about e-safety. Here are some links for e-safety websites:

www.safetynetkids.org.uk/ personal-safety/staying-safe-online/



In our lesson we explored some fake social media accounts and found it amazing what things people share with the world, like their school. Here are some things you should keep private: Your email address,your phone/mobile number, your school and your address.Create a password that no-one will find out about because if your password is leaked then hackers can post things that you could get into about.

However there are also good points about social media as well as the bad:

Twitter has helped the world know about news even before the media has released it like a tsunami. Twitter helped to tell people to go onto higher ground before the land was flooded. Also Facebook and Instagram help you share videos and pictures with your friends. Linkedin helps to get adults jobs as well.

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