My Premier League team of the season

Goalkeeper-Jordan Pickford, Sunderland

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In a miserable season for the Black Cats Pickford has been one of the only shining lights with some great reflex saves and even some penalty saves, and Jordan has been called on many times to get Sunderland out of some bad situations.

Left Back-Danny Rose, Tottenham

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Tottenham have made another large push for the title this season, and Rose has played a big part. His fitness, pace and tackling have helped his club and country to important wins.

Centre Back-Gary Cahill, Chelsea

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When Conte switched to 3 at the back Cahill made it work. His leadership, tough tackling and blocking have been a key factor of Chelsea’s large number of clean sheets.

Centre back-Toby Alderwiereld, Tottenham

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Even as an Arsenal fan I would love to have the big Belgian Alderwiereld in our backline. Ever since he arrived from Southampton 2 seasons ago his progress has been remarkable. Toby’s passing and heading have really improved Spurs’ defence.

Right Back-Kyle Walker, Tottenham

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I know, another Spurs player! Like Rose, Walker has made massive strides this season with his energy and stamina. His crossing has also set up five goals this season.

Left Wing- Eden Hazard, Chelsea

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In the 14/15 season Hazard was outstanding-Chelsea’s best player. Last season he did absolutely nothing (apart from winning Leicester the league with a cracker at White Hart Lane!)



Flowol assessment!

Flowol 4 is where you use a flowchart to make a set of instructions for a mimic e.g. a robot to move or shut its eye.                                                                                                  Image result for flowol 4

A control system is a set of devices, that manages, commands, directs or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems.

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations, especially by a computer.

A flow chart is a diagram of the sequence of movements or actions of people or things involved in a complex system or activity.

A sub-routine is when there is a second system going on in your flowchart.

Parralelogram- Output e.g. Stop Sign forward 100 percent



Diamond-desicision e.g. Is button 1 on?

Sorry for the picture quality!


My time in Year 7 at The Priory School

In year 7 the first day might be assumed to be REAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY scary but it isn’t. You get an early lunch to avoid the upper school and you get an extended form time.

In year 7 you have a SPORTS DAY near the end of the year and there is an event for everyone! We also had a trip to all the religious places of worship in Hitchin. an there is a 12 meter climbing wall in our Sports Hall.

And Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere who is currently on loan at Bournemouth went to this school! Here are some goals he scored:

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At the end of the year we went on a Bushcraft trip in Hatfield Woods. I was really looking forward to it but we were paired with two bad forms who basically ruined the experience.

The Bushcraft Company | School Trips to The Woods – YouTube